[ Engine building ]
This is the speciality of Didier ALBERT. The majority of engines we are rebuilding is for vehicles which were restored in our workshops. But we also work also for customers who need to optimize the performance of their cars. Whether for a restarting or for a preparation for competition, all parts which are chosen, all made machining, are selected to provide the great pleasure of use.
“I work on each engine as if it was “My engine”!. With each client, I established precise specifications that will allow me to select reputable and approved parts manufacturers (France, Germany, England or the USA).
The workshop is equipped with an engine bench. So I can make the first setting before performing test drives that will finalize my work.”

[ Aluminum and stainless welding, machining parts ]
The workshop is equipped with several welding stations and a lathe to offer a parts manufacturing services for items now “not found”.

[ Competition Assistance ]
The team has a tow truck and a double-axle trailer

[ Specialist FFSA FIA regulations ]
We carry the technical passports for the participation of the largest automotive events and advise on the compliance of vehicles.

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